Cordillera applies advanced analytical and design techniques to problems of security, urbanization and development.

Practice Areas

URBANIZATION & Public safety

Cordillera works with communities, businesses, public safety agencies and emergency services to help make cities safer and better places to live. 



Cordillera helps governments, NGOs and communities deal with asymmetric, hybrid and unconventional threats in the world's most dangerous and difficult places.



Cordillera advises, assists and accompanies police, military, emergency services and aid agencies facing internal threats and development challenges.

Cordillera Applications Group is a research and operations firm dedicated to de-risking client investments and projects through risk analysis, monitoring, and specialized field teams. Cordillera maintains offices in Latin America, North America and Europe, analysts covering Africa, the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, local networks, and a proprietary information platform. To speak with the Cordillera team, please contact